"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

Smoky Quartz Elestial

Crystal Basics

Crystals are a combination of minerals (non-organic substances) that have a specific chemical composition arranged in a highly ordered crystalline structure. They are distinguished and classified by this inner geometric architecture, called a crystal lattice, which is then expressed outwardly to form their natural shape. Differences in the conditions in which they form, along with various mineral content, greatly determine the outcome of each fascinating shape and color.

They have their own unique internal energy that is associated with specific molecular vibrations and influence their individual healing properties. Crystal healing is governed by the Law of Resonance, which basically forces discordant energy (between 2 adjacent vibrating systems) to be transformed to the base resonant frequency of the stronger vibration. This vibratory response from the process of resonance can be applied to how a crystal can heal a person on any level -- physical, mental, emotional and energetic (spiritual). During this process, the stronger source transmutes out of state vibrations (in the form of diseases, blockages and trauma) and attunes them to their natural frequency (homeostasis, well-being). 

Ancient Crystal Knowledge

Crystals have been valued by different civilizations throughout the world for their healing and divination purposes. Ancient Egyptians used copper harmonizers (cylinders) filled with quartz to generate and balance energies when performing sun salutations. They buried their dead with quartz to help guide them in the afterlife. Greek warriors rubbed themselves with crushed hematite before battle to make themselves invulnerable. Roman soldiers adorned their breastplates with carnelian to promote courage and valor during battle. Chinese emperors used jade to symbolize wealth and power. They also use crystal needles in acupuncture to this day. 

Crystals in Modern Technology

Certain crystals also demonstrate amazing abilities that are being utilized by modern technologies. Quartz has piezoelectric (as well as pyroelectric) properties that have been used in watches and clocks as it has a steady flow of electromagnetic energy to help regulate an accurate measurement of time. This incredible property of quartz has been used in other devices such sonar and ultrasound machines, guitar amplifiers and even computer chips. Most tablets, computers, cellphones and televisions use a liquid crystal display, as well as silicon chips. Rubies proved a vital role in the development of the first lasers and are still being used in microsurgery today. Pyrite is used in crystal radio receivers and act as resonators and transducers of electromagnetic energy.

There are many other interesting information and research on crystals, especially on their healing effects. Some would argue that this is mere pseudoscience and is mainly attributed to the placebo effect. Quantum physics would negate those claims as it clearly outlines how some key theories directly apply to the structures and behavior of crystals. As with any other holistic types of healing, it is always the combination of various practices that contribute to one's overall success. 

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