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Sacred Goddess Studio

CUSTOM Single Himalayan Quartz skull bracelet

CUSTOM Single Himalayan Quartz skull bracelet

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Master Carved Skulls by Subhash Meena

Hand crafted by me :) Please allow 2-3 business days for custom to be completed. 

Please specify wrist size in the ORDER SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box. Thank you!

Rosewood option comes with a 1ml Relaxing Essential Oil mix (Lavender, May Chang & Bergamot)

Available quantites:

Black Obsidian (2)

Black Tourmaline (2)

Aura Agate (2)

Amethyst (3)

Moss Agate (2)

Rose Quartz (1)

Shungite (1)

Black Onyx (matte) (1)

Lemurian Blue Aquatine w/ Hematite (4)

Carnelian (3)

Red Tiger's Eye (1)

Rosewood (15)

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